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Detalles de la Campaña

I’m putting my compassion into action by fundraising for Tzu Chi USA 2022 Charity Concert. This year’s concert will support important charity initiatives, such as relief through war & displacement for Ukraine displaced residents, natural disasters, and the effects of poverty across the US. Join me in putting compassion into action and make a donation to my bamboo bank fundraiser now!
Thanks for supporting Tzu Chi USA’s annual charity concert. Below you can see different donation sponsorship levels (each will receive different quantities complimentary tickets). Please comment on the donation form on how many tickets you need and which day you’ll be attending.
Patron $200 – 1 free ticket
Emerald $1,000 – 2 free tickets
Bronze $2,000 – 2 free tickets
Silver $5,000 – 2 free tickets
Gold $10,000 – 4 free tickets
Platinum $34,000 – 4 free tickets
Diamond $50,000 – 6 free tickets
Premier Diamond $100,000 – 8 free tickets


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23 de September del 2022

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16 de October del 2022

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