Lee 寶桂的慈善竹筒Bamboo Bank


Detalles de la Campaña

Having enough food to eat, clothes to keep us warm, a roof over our heads – most of us take all this for granted, but that’s not the case for everyone. More than 42 million Americans are struggling to survive Anderson feed their families, and it isn’t just the homeless, elderly, and other vulnerable groups who are suffering. Join me to help reduce hunger and poverty.


Acerca de la recaudación de fondos

Alcancia adoptada por:

Pakuei Lee

Creado en:

22 de September del 2022

End date:

01 de January del 1970

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Your love and goodwill are a powerful force that can arouse others to support your goal of making a positive difference in the world. Why not start you journey to help those in need right now?


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