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Help Steve Regain His Smile and Confidence

We met Steve during our regular visits to the Fremont BACS homeless center, and his story has touched our hearts deeply. At 51 years old, Steve has faced numerous challenges due to epileptic seizures since childhood, making steady employment difficult. However, what has affected him most profoundly is the loss of three front teeth from a work-related accident years ago.

Despite receiving a free bridge initially, it deteriorated years later, leaving Steve self-conscious and embarrassed. Living with a mask over his mouth became a norm long before it was commonplace, causing him to lose confidence and dignity in social interactions. Simple tasks like eating and speaking became sources of anxiety as he navigated life under the judgmental gaze of others.
Steve’s situation is further complicated by financial constraints. Even with Medicare and MediCal, the required copay for dental implants is an insurmountable $6,000, given his unemployment.

Recently, we took Steve to a free dental clinic where his urgent dental needs were assessed. The recommended treatment plan includes braces, a tooth extraction with implant, and subsequent denture placement. While some costs can be reduced through discounted services, the overall expenses still amount to thousands of dollars.

This campaign aims to raise funds to help Steve access the dental care he urgently needs. By contributing, you can help Steve regain his smile, confidence, and ultimately, his dignity. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal of transforming Steve’s life and giving him a brighter future.
Let’s come together as a community and make a real difference in Steve’s life. Your generosity and kindness will be greatly appreciated by Steve and all who support this cause.


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It doesn’t take much, just a little bit from everyone and we can make a change.

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