Rides for Alejandro


The Situation

During a brief visit from Guatemala to the United States with his family, 9-year-old Alejandro Soto González was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer called primary intracranial sarcoma. He has already received surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD, and will be undergoing a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments through approximately September 2020.

Alejandro now has appointments every weekday through February and is scheduled for two appointments a week from March through the fall. While his uncle, who lives in Silver Spring, can pick him up after he is done, Alejandro and his mom still need rides to get to the hospital so they can make every crucial appointment for a full recovery. Read all about Alejandro’s story here.


How We’re Helping

We’re arranging one-way rides from Alejandro’s uncle’s home in Silver Spring to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. In addition, we are already providing the family a monthly cash card worth $300 to help them cover their most crucial expenses.


What You Can Do

If you live near Silver Spring, we ask that you volunteer your time to give Alejandro and his mom a one-way ride to make his appointments. All you need to do is pick them up and drop them off. It’s that simple! Sign up to give Alejandro a ride to the hospital here.


Alternatively, the cost of covering a car is estimated around ~$50. To help, please make a charitable contribution to help make sure they can safely reach their destination every time.