This 2021, Tzu Chi New York marks its 30th anniversary of service. As we reflect on the good we have accomplished for the past three decades – including during the era of COVID-19 – we turn to you for your support and generosity to keep going.

Our humanitarian missions, powered almost entirely by volunteers and inspired by Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings, have included…

  • charity (via food pantry and SNAP for low-income households, VITA, individual charity cases, and more)
  • medicine (via Healthy Community programs, medical outreaches, vision mobile care, and more)
  • education (through the Tzu Chi Long Island Great Love Preschool)
  • and disaster relief, for whenever calamity strikes.

Now, as life steadily begins to resume, we are ready to do more. Make a donation and put your compassion in action today!