Let’s Honor Our Mother’s Love

They say there’s no greater love than a mother’s. She carries us in her womb without complaint, then suffers childbirth, a pain forgotten the moment she has us safely in her arms. She nourishes and shelters us, and offers guidance and counsel as we age and grow, not stopping until her dying breath.

How can we ever repay our mother’s infinite kindness, or express the depth of our gratitude? We invite you to honor your mother’s love, by donating to our charity mission in her name.

Let’s be like a mother to those suffering after a disaster destroys their life, when they’re vulnerable and afraid, and let them know they need not feel alone because we care. Let’s honor the example of our mother’s love by bringing the message of Mother’s Day into each and every day of our lives.

And for your inspiration, may “Mary Lou’s Treasure,” a film based on the story of one of our disaster aid recipients, touch your heart to reveal that love is our greatest treasure.