Midwest Tornado Relief

From December 10 – 11, a series of deadly tornadoes traced a path of destruction across the American Midwest. At least 50 tornado reports came from Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Thus far, Kentucky has reported the highest death toll and greatest swathes of damage, with one town approximately 75% demolished.


In response, Tzu Chi volunteers across the Midwest Region have mobilized to help, conducting on-the-ground assessments and readying disaster relief supplies. Among these include eco-blankets, eco-scarves, and other essential supplies as needed. Yet, most significant are emergency cash cards, which provide on-the-spot financial aid to households in crisis. With your support, we can make this relief a reality.


Make a contribution today and empower Tzu Chi with the resources needed to bring meaningful emergency support to individuals and families facing the most devastating situations of their lives. Our signature cash cards help an impacted household cover temporary housing, transportation, gas, repairs, food, daily essentials, prescription medications, and so much more.


Seeing the sudden and great loss of life through this tragedy, and bearing witness to the long journey survivors have on their road ahead, join us in helping people restart their lives after disaster.