After making landfall in Florida on September 28, 2022 as a Category 4, Hurricane Ian is one of the deadliest, costliest, and strongest in U.S. history. With a trajectory leading to Georgia, Alabama, as well as North and South Carolina (where it downgraded into a Category 1 storm), destruction and damage lie in its wake. To help in this monumental recovery effort, Tzu Chi Relief volunteers is mobilizing emergency relief efforts using the following methods:

  • plan and provide hot meals
  • plan mass vegetarian meals (in alignment with Tzu Chi’s value for sentient beings) in shelters
  • conduct reach outs and assessments through the Tzu Chi Southern Regional Office, including current needs for food and fresh water, as well as transportation capability on roads and through local airports
  • liaise with federal, state, and municipal relief agencies
  • liaise with restaurants of the Panda Restaurant Group located in affected areas, plus AAPI-owned small businesses
  • liaise with Tzu Chi volunteers and their families in affected areas

Your support will help us carry out the above activities and more as the situation progresses. Together, we can provide relief to those who’ve suffered from the loss of loved ones, of major property, and small but important comforts disaster survivors need to move forward.

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