Seeing the desperation and despair the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into the lives of everyday Americans, Tzu Chi USA is transitioning to long-term care for its most vulnerable neighbors. We’re determined to do this with respect, love, and meaningful action as we move into the next chapter of this crisis together, even while apart!


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought families across the US into poverty, hunger, and desperation. While Tzu Chi USA’s initial efforts to “Flatten the Curve” have brought immediate aid to our front-line heroes, essential workers, and more, we are now shifting into long-term recovery efforts that buffer the outstanding needs of our nation’s most vulnerable. We are specifically focusing on those with low/no income, the elderly, the undocumented, the homeless, college students, women who have suffered from domestic violence, and more. That’s why we need your support, now more than ever.


How We’re Helping

We’re providing charity services to individuals and families most steeply impacted socially and economically by the pandemic, like those with low/no income, the elderly, the undocumented, homeless college students, domestic abused partners and other vulnerable populations. It may be through financial assistance, food, personal protective equipment (PPE), and much more.


What You Can Do

Donate a minimum of $10 and help us get individuals and families the assistance they need to move forward through the pandemic. If we can get 500,000 people to participate, we can reach $5,000,000 in relief!


What’s more, consider making it a monthly donation if you’re able. That way, you can make a lasting impact throughout the year – for as little as 33¢ a day!


Our neighbors are counting on us. Act now!