Relief After California Wildfires

Following the onset of the Dixie and Beckwourth Complex Fires, you can help us provide meaningful relief to families experiencing grief and loss.


As we anticipate each wildfire season year after year, Tzu Chi volunteers ready themselves to provide emergency financial aid, eco-blankets, and daily necessities to relieve the burdens of families and individuals struggling with sudden uncertainty and trauma.


We have brought compassion after many fire incidents in the American Northwest – including (but not limited to) the Camp Fire, CZU Lightning Complex Fire, LNU Complex Fire, North Complex Fire, Silverado Fire and Blue Ridge Fires. All these events combined, we have supported thousands of families in taking their next steps on their journey to recovery from disaster.


In our special fund dedicated to those affected by California wildfires, your contribution can mean a cash card for someone who lost everything and must pay for temporary housing, gas, medications, food, and more. It can also mean a warm, eco-blanket to give physical comfort to those left with little but the shirts on their backs. Most importantly, it promises survivors that Tzu Chi volunteers are sincerely looking out for them and their needs. Make a contribution today.