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Campaign Details

On Saturday, October 17, we are hosting the 2020 Tzu Chi USA Annual Charity Concert virtually via tzuchi.us/concert and facebook.com/TzuChiUSA at 4pm PDT | 6pm CDT | 7pm EDT (October 18 at 7am Taipei Standard Time). This fundraiser is intended to draw support for Tzu Chi USA’s long-term relief efforts through the pandemic while celebrating the togetherness and solidarity of humanity at this never before seen moment in history.


Who’s Performing

We have the distinguished pleasure of being joined by talented artists from around the world including Haitian singer-songwriter Paul Beaubrun, Ecuadorian singer Ximena Ibarra, Israeli singer and composer David D’or, Taiwanese singers Chyi Yu and Shou Chuan Lee, NYC actors and performers Austin Ku and Ya Han Chang, pro-golfer and musician Charles Wang, the HsinYa Choir, Tzu Chi USA’s Sign Language Team, and the Students of Tzu Chi’s Great Love Preschools (broadcasting in from Walnut and Monrovia, CA, and Dallas and Houston, TX). The event will also be hosted by Emmy-nominated journalist Angela Chen and Tzu Chi’s Braden Ho.


Our Goal

The evening’s event will focus on the theme of “Together While Apart: Compassion for the Long Haul.” Our volunteers have been hard at work to bring personal protective equipment (or PPE), food, and other supplies to populations struggling to get access since the start of the pandemic. Wildfires in California, hurricanes, and other disasters, too, have complicated these efforts, but we are providing relief nonetheless. Our gestures also serve to provide individuals and families in need with hope and faith in the power of togetherness and human connection in distant and increasingly desperate times.


During the Broadcast

You’ll have the unique opportunity to support this work by making a donation directly onto tzuchi.us/concert or facebook.com/TzuChiUSA as you enjoy our program. You may also make donations in advance of the program here. 


What’s more, consider making it a regular donation if you’re able. That way, you can make a lasting impact throughout the year.


Families across the United States are counting on us to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Act now!


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